Tea‘n’Teas Business Model
Tea, traditionally and for long viewed as a staid and uninteresting product has, in the last couple of years, evolved quite dramatically metamorphosing into a fascinating and young-at-heart beverage.

Driven by a newly discovered awareness and heightened interest on account of its proven health connotations, a surge of ‘different’ teas have emerged to cater to the more discerning tea aficionado, one who has specific and high expectations... learn more
Direct to Shelf from Origin
Recognising and accepting the fact that different clients would have diverse and specific requirements, it is our endeavour to cater to customers at their comfort level. While “retail outlet” type wholesale orders for the Organic bouTEAque Teas may be ordered from our online store, we also offer custom-built logistical solutions... learn more
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Tea Market Report - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

It turned out to be a marginally better week than the previous one.  The new seas

Global Weather Conditions - Tea Market Report - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

While thus far the weather has been seasonal and normal, there is growing talk about t

Argentina - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

Is at the fag end of what has been a fairly decent season.  Factories should be s

North India - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

In both, the CTC Leaf as well as the CTC Dust sales there was good demand for the new

South India - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

Between the three centres, there was fairly decent demand for the Orthodox countered b

Indonesia - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

The market met with lower demand for the 13K+ packages on offer with a third of the of

Kenya - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

There was improved demand for the 7.50 M.Kgs on offer which strengthened as the sale p

Malawi - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

In almost a similar manner to the previous week, while there was fair demand for the 9

Sri Lanka - Week Ending 12th April 2014-04-12

The sale was a little unusual in that, for a change, there was somewhat lower demand f

Flavoured Teas available 2013-03-18

Flavoured Green, Black and Blooming tea available.

Nilgiri Frost is here! 2013-02-04
It’s been a long wait, but finally the weather is here!

Later than usual, but we have now been hit
Nilgiris Blog 2012-12-24
I came across this very interesting blog of the tea industry in the Nilgiris.
Tea Infusers for sale 2012-12-21
Check out these new Tea Infusers
You can make the entire tea brewing process so simple. T