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Tea ‘n’ Teas is built on a fresh and unique approach to the wholesale tea business. Far from being an anonymous, faceless and impersonalized corporation, viewing tea as simply a commodity to be traded, each one of us in the Tea Team is a committed professional with extensive experience at the grassroots level in various facets of the industry.

The one common factor which has brought us together and binds us as a team is a shared and common passion for tea! Our combined expertise, experience and intensity enables us to continually seek out and provide what we believe are the best teas available.

We combine our passion with an awareness of the needs and the ultimate goal of the tea retailer: customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

The core team at Tea ‘n’ Teas is the perfect blend of grassroots level experience in teas coupled with a unique perspective of all aspects of the industry.
Gurrinder ‘Indi’ Khanna
Gurrinder ‘Indi’ Khanna – Is a unique individual in the tea industry who has literally 'grown' in the business. Starting his career as a junior Tea planter in 1973, rolling up his sleeves and dirtying his hands, at the grassroots level, Indi has matured into a ‘one of a kind’ expert in the tea industry.

While the passage from tea planting to international trade has been an exceptional journey, the invaluable experiences gained along the way enables Indi to bring a unique perspective into the business. Besides operating specialty tea manufacturing units in South India and Sri Lanka, Indi regularly roams the tea-growing regions of the world, delving into the most remote tea estates in Sri Lanka, India and China seeking and innovating before selecting only the very best. Indi’s experience is available for you to benefit from.

  Phone : +91 9442 60 9442
  eVoice : 360 450 2142
  eMail : indi@teanteas.com
Patrice Brechette
Being involved with projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Patrice has 17 years experience in product development and trade of organic food products. Having been a prime importer of organic produce in Europe for the last 12 years, Patrice brings invaluable market insights to the business.

  Phone : +33 6252 93277
  eMail : patrice@teanteas.com
Lasantha Welikala
Is a third generation tea-man whose family estates in the low country produce the most superlative orthodox teas.

One of those, Galaboda Estate located close to the Southern tip of SL, is the site of the Teacrafts specialty factory. Extending his generational experience into the intricate art of tea blending and value addition makes Lasantha the ideal tea point man in SL as part of the Tea team.

  Phone : +94 777 575 483
  eMail : lasantha@teanteas.com
Tina Tam
A childhood spent in the remote tea farms of Hunan province and literally growing with tea gives Tina an all encompassing grasp of the specialty tea trade which extends to each one of the tea growing provinces of Southern China. Tina’s knowledge and experience is the very foundation of our unique and interesting array of Chinese teas, each one of which is in itself, a work of art and worthy of the tea connoisseur.

  Phone : +86 1397 318 1193
  eMail : tina@teanteas.com